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 Artificial feeding of discus fries (June '98)
 Keeping of fishes on kitchen (June '98)
 Reception of new discus breeds (July '98)
 Measurement and changing of pH (July '98)
 Third group of fishes (only for adult, August '98)
 The Secret Doctrine of Fossorochromis rostratus (is written down from their words, December '98)
 Spawning of Black Mollies (only for adult, there are porno, February '99)

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Today default theme - artificial feeding of discus fries.

The technique of feeding fries by flagellates Hexamita is offered.

To get culture of flagellates it is possible at the private dealers or in a pet-shop. Usually sellers carefully hide presence on sale of necessary to us flagellates.

Therefore it is necessary to choose among sold of amazon cichlids (discus, angel, ram etc.) most slim fish, with the tightened stomach. It is desirable, that at her were snow-white excrements and holes in a head. Organism of the acquired fish is very gentle, it is necessary accurately to bring her to home and to wait of defecation process.

Take out from a reservoir by glass pipe necessary amount of feces and flow out in a free vessel with fresh water. (The acquired fish needs soon to be placed in a tank with the most refined breeds of discus. For luck!)

Adding gradually in a vessel Furasolidon, it is possible to achieve in short time of flagellates' rough duplication.

Fries is greedy eating this perfect forage and can eat it up to monthly age till five times per day. But, on my experience, they will sink much earlier than this term...

Question to audience: whether there are more simple daily forages for artificial feeding of discus fries?

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It appears, the keeping of some fishes species on kitchen is connected to some inconveniences.

I bring further facts, fixed on Ukraine, of unsuccessful behaviour of fishes and advices of conducting Ukrainian aquarists:

If you keep on kitchen oscars, take care of, that the refrigerator was hidden from them look. Differently, if they will find out whence you get food, you will have troubles. Mr. U. has found out loss of the frozen meat from frozen camera for the third day of the keeping oscars on kitchen. Very attentive fish.

If you have solved to place plecos in your tank on kitchen, take care of, that all wooden furniture in kitchen was sheet with metal. Differently in one perfect morning, beginning breakfast, you can fall from a chair with bited off legs. To sheeting a tree it is better with copper tin, then plecos, eating copper, can recover from diseases of a stomach.

Not leave on a kitchen table for night the rests of vegetative salads, if you keep goldfihes. By morning you can find out scattered on floor of kitchen waste of their digestion.

Close a drain at the kitchen crane, if you have solved to keep on kitchen danio or rainbowfishes. They very much love flowing water and always try at the night to run away from you in the water drain.

Do not turn by a back to hungry piranias, if you have risked to get them on kitchen.

Do not leave for night on kitchen a dog, if you have solved to keep guppies. Poor dog! They without ceremony will bite off its tail.

African Great lakes cichlids very much love to grind teeth about upholstery of your kitchen sofa. Take care of a leather cover.

If you have solved to prepare fry chicken, densely close an aquarium with Angels. They are very sensitive to a smell of fry hen. And if to you casually will call on the phone, you will have no time to blink an eye, as from a frying pan all will disappear its contents.

On supervision of the Ukrainian aquarists on kitchen it is best to keep the crocodile. It will by hours lay during your breakfast directly on a lunch table and will not ask at all slice of a beef.

If at itself observed any still similar phenomena, can tell to us directly now.

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The resulted ways of reception of new discuses breeds are not protected by law on copyrights and can be used for reception of the profit without the knowledge of author.

First, the most primitive way, is described in all textbooks on selection. We shan't be to consider him.

The following widely widespread way:

Buy about thousand fries. Daily (3 times per day) carry out trainings with them on correct performance of the following teams: Fie!, Take!, Fall on bottom!, Emerge to top!, Simulate destruction!, Simulate defeat by Hexamitas!, Jump out of tank! etc.

Most capable (them will about 10) leave for work, reject others in sewerage.

Put on a damp cloth your best pupils. Be arranged more convenient near them in an armchair, previously kindled fire from boughs of Guinea cherry which has been cut down not later 1987, at the right hand, in the left hand take a tail of the Caucasian trout roasted for New Year, and make following mantra 48 times, shaking all limbs of the body: Lloy bykanakh, white eye and dry fin, om!. By the end of 48-th mantra necessary properties (in this case - white eye and dry fin) will appear at your best pupils. By similar way I receive a version "first aid" (blue-white body, on forehead - hole as red cross, under an eye - red half-moon).

The following two ways are not so simple as previous, but much are faster, than standard.

Second way:

Take necessary amount of Angels and by well grinded scissors accurately cut off dorsal and anal fins so that their length has remained no more than 1/3 heights of fish body. On abdominal fin hang up a label "(C) your name, Silver (etc.) Discus ". Without a label the buyers can not believe you. By me repeatedly were carried out clearance sales of new discus breeds, received by this way. The buyers from all world were in delight.

Third way (allows to receive only one new version - greasy diamond):

Catch by nets a plenty of diamond perches (Lepomis gibbosus). Accurately keeping fish by vice, lightly beat by small hammer to it on lips until then while its body will accept the disk form. The received discus breed always occupies the best places at all exhibitions for uniformity of breed, for fatness, for mild disposition.

Unfortunately, other, easier ways of reception of new discus breeds I yet didnt manage to find. There can be someone from present free-of-charge will help by the information?

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Today speech will go about ways of measurement and changing of pH.

All fishes of our planet live in the certain ranges pH. Some of them prefer acid environment, others - alkaline, third - in general prefer to not live.

About the third fishes we shall talk somehow next time. And today we are interested with first two groups.

In conditions captivity bad state of health of fishes, and also attempts to suicidial actions can explain first of all by discrepancy of parameter pH to natural norms.

If your fishes refuse to accept food (for example ketchup or mayonnaise) from your hands, or do not wish to play by a mercury ball (kindly thrown by you on floor of reservoir) in waterball, know - parameter pH in your water does not correspond to the given fish species.

To check up it is easy. It is not necessary to spend your money for reception of the chemical analysis of water or purchase of expensive devices for measurement of parameter pH. In home conditions it is possible free-of-charge to measure it independently. For this purpose take old newspaper (without colour figures), cut from it strips 1/3"x2". Your measuring device is ready to use.

For measurement pH of your reservoir gently lower one strip of paper in a reservoir. Take it approximately in 2 cm from floor about one half-hour. (By another hand at this time you can, for example, converse with the friends in Fishroom). After that see on strip.

If it has become bright red, slightly acid environment (pH 3-5) means at you. The bright - green colour speaks about slightly alkaline environment (pH 9-11). If letters fall from strip on the floor, water at you - little bit acid (pH 1-3) means. If letters have emerged to a surface,... (guess). If the paper has become of grey-yellow shade, it means your doubts are vain, and your fishes mock to you. Do not feed them for it month, or feed them for week with arsenic. They will become more compliant and will play waterball by mercury ball.

If doubts creep in your head concerning correctness of realization of measurements, it is possible to go by other way: to try changing pH of water for check of health state of your fishes during change of water quality.

There are two rather simple ways of change pH, widespread on Ukraine.

Aciding of water:

Buy fresh milk (on volume equal to volume of your reservoir). Put milk under Sunshine. The milk has become sunburnt fastly, and its taste will remind to you taste of sour milk. (you already have guessed, what we shall do aciding of water?). Take two empty buckets and ask your spouse to help you. If you do not have spouse, I do not recommend you further to listen this lecture.

For the married students I continue:

One of you should quickly extort by bucket water from a reservoir, and another at this time to pour milk in a reservoir. This way refers to as on Ukraine "smooth downturn pH".

The second way, as you already have guessed, will help us smoothly to increase pH:

Throw in aquarium soap from "Procter&Gamble" (at the rate of 10 pieces per 1 gal). In day pH of water in aquarium will begin smoothly to raise. If you contain fishes from African lakes, they will react to this way by rough expression of pleasure. They will twist and jump out of water for pleasure, will begin well eat and spawn till three times per day.

Thank for attention, remember, following lecture will about third group of fishes...

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In one of my previous lectures was spoken: anyone fishes love acid water, others prefer to live in alkaline, third prefer to not live at all.

At the request of my constant students today we'll give attention to the third group of fishes.

Why our fishes prefer to speed up the new embodiment?

I bring further reasons conducting ichtyopsichoterapeuts of Ukraine.

The main reason of the often acts of suicide - envy.

If you have risked to keep fishes in bedroom, try to lay them to sleep before as will lie down in bed. Otherwise they will find out, that it is much more pleasant to sleep not on gravel and sand. The next morning, if they will be even alive, they will not become there is even a most tasty forage. They will require soft bed accessories down to moment of destruction (it is expressed in their regular stay about forward glass).

God forbid you to be engaged by love before not closed by curtains and cover vessel with fishes. At fishes the sight and sense of smell is very well advanced. In peak moment frequently many pairs find out in the most unexpected places of bed (and body) mass congestions of envious fishes. At you mood falls through this slime, and you in most cases are waited by usual human scandal.

If you keep fishes in a children's room, you never will manage to achieve their spawning. You see you thus give them to understand, what risk they subject the health by getting themselves small curs. And as the purpose of life all alive on the Earth is the reproduction to itself similar, that, by losing the purpose of life, the fishes can lose the optimism. A maximum, that you will see is them meditations.

At the keeping of fishes in the working study, it is not necessary at them something to write, or to work with the computer. Fishes - very sharp essences, and soon they will understand, that your authority is illusive, as all that you write on a paper and on the screen they for long time already know (us with you it is not given to know). They will die of melancholy, as considered you as more highly advanced essence. The next day you will find them at the bottom, in right distant corner, behind snag.

If your reservoir is on kitchen... you should more often come into Fishroom. This theme was discussed here long time.

In a guest room you will meet with alternative - to accept visitors or to contain fishes. The visitors will envy your fishes ("You so well them feed!", "You to him regularly change water!", "You love them so!" etc.), and fish to envy you ("Now here this female (male)! ") and your visitors (" Probably, this fat would feed us by not only bloodworms!", "At this lady money on 200gal would be for certain found! ").

Don't forget also about the large nonsense of fishes because of their self-confidence - they always think, that tank has the larger sizes...

If you didn't collide with above mentioned problems, means we with you speak in different languages and you have in view of not that fishes, about which I speak. I remind, I speak about fishes of third group...

The best place of fishes keeping, in opinion of Ukrainian aquarists, is tank of WC pan. It solves the main problem of water changes! And at display at fishes of the undesirable tendencies to envy, to nonsenses etc. always can be pressed the button little bit stronger usual...

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On the nature we, fishes are tantrists. Tantra is condition of soul and way of meditation, at which imagined and valid are interchanged the position.

For example, our attendants submits us not absolutely that food, which we wish in the moment, we shall tell grans instead of bloodworms. We make a kind, that we greedy snatch on the offered forage (you see we well brought up), and, as soon as this guy will show us a back, we urgent spit contents of our mouthes in pump, and our imagination draws bloodworm in intestines for us (and it actually is increased in the sizes and is capable to give out even some excrements). Thus, all are pleased. This guy by that has made kind action (?), and we by ours tantra. Sole but. We shan't allow to mock in the same way at our children. He will not see any fries, let knows.

Other type of tantra. Let's assume, water in our temporary dwelling has colour of urine with lime are dissolved in it. We, as it's necessary to correct priests of the Most High, always shall do the unperturbable face, as if we can read the newspaper on distance of 12 ft from a forward glass. Tantrism prompts to us the contents of title clause of "Washington Post ", where they are indefinitely perverting at leader and skilled male Bill.

At last about continuation of a family. Our distant relatives, for the first time by getting in hands of twohanded monsters, didn't wish to their children of similar destiny and have refused to meditate posterity. So disappearance of kinds began, one after another. Next generations of our forefathers have corrected a situation with the help of application Tantra of Spawning (violence above the imagination). Actually spawning process was reduced to where to more primitive processes in organism, but externally it very much reminded natural actions on continuation of a family. Now we're only pale copies of our true ancestors, we gradually forget, what the colours should be our fins (and what it for). Let's be homogeneous grey weight of tantra's sediment. Let our twolegged friends will think how to recolour apparitions in native colour.

Those who has remained on will, let float deeper and under moonlight don't forget, that to tantring posterity - not the most pleasant employment. Successful Xmas to you.

Here and we live and in it there is an essence of tantrism, dear.

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