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I am very glad to that all of you have glanced here, dear!
Let's begin excursion on Fishkeeper's/Fishbreeder's Catalogue v.2.064!
This page is sated with figures which the signatures specify last change of dialogue windows design of the program.

After start Fishes.exe, if you will not see the window "Fail to create empty document" (in case of incorrect installation ODBC-drivers), following picture will on screen:
where you can easy enter your login and password, if you're registered by me user. After that you will see next picture on the screen:
(v. 2.000)
The basic attention pay on items of the menu "Catalogs", "My aquafarm", and "Service". In installation process first of all you need to choose "Settings/Work directories" and to edit arrangement of working files of the program (default CD-ROM drive and internet-homepage of project). Then all opportunities of the program will be accessible to you. See picture order below:
(v. 2.000)wpe6.jpg (8489 bytes)(v. 2.000)
For today in the menu "Settings" one more of five teams "Settings/Fishbreeder farm" is accessible which will allow to edit the name of organization engaged in fishbreeding and using this program for conducting of statistics:
(v. 2.048)
Now I shall introduce you to process, which will begin at a choice of item of the menu "Catalogs/Fishes":
(v. 2.000)
(v. 2.010)
You will see this picture, only right column of combo-boxes will be grey, without inscriptions. The fact that in the program exists concept 'Default fish', appropriate to this column, and on the moment of the first start this concept is not determined. 'Default fish' - lowermost in the list the name a fish (on this picture - " estherae "). Name of 'Default fish' is in title of this dialogue. Full name with its common name and synonyms of 'Default fish' is possibled to see at bottom of dialogue in corresponding places.
The first column at the left ('Find') is activated by button 'Enable find' and contains the search information on the names of fishes with an opportunity of search on 'Common' name (by pressing on appropriate check-box at the upper left). In the lists there are also synonyms (they are marked). Allowed column contains information about count of names in column 'Find'. The list of taxons is more to the right, it's located between area 'Find' and area 'Default fish'. To left of column 'Default fish' column of "count of taxonomy branch" located. The first occurrence (at first start of program) of the information in the column 'Default fish' corresponds to a choice of any name a fish from a column 'Find' ('Default fish' is remembered and at an exit from the program).
Choose any fish from 'Find' (it's possible to type in the first letters of a required name and to press the "down arrow" for realization of search). All taxonomic branch will be displayed in the column 'Default fish'. In the column 'Default fish' the choice of the names is made within the limits of the chosen branch.

Example (look a picture above in the text): Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "eureka" is chosen. Fossorochromis rostratus is necessary. The first way - to find it in column 'Searching' in section 'Species'. The second way - to find in the column 'Default fish' the nearest branching of a taxonomy (in the given example - 'Genus') and to choose Fossorochromis, then in section 'Species' to choose required rostratus.
Concerning a taxonomy. I consciously have simplified classification of fishes by not including in its structure of concept of an superfamily, subfamily and lowest concepts a little: races, morphas, breeds etc. All lowest concepts I have reduced to two - varietet and varietet of a subspecies. Besides I have not divided concept "is described", " is described later " and "is renamed", that is usually expressed in classification of the animal world by presence or absence of parentheses near a surname of the author and year of the description. In my program all authors sit in parentheses. There can be I'm non right and my act somebody also will offend. In such case these simplifications I can complicate.
Initial idea to arrange classification as 'tree' was by me rejected owing to inconvenience of the review of branches because of excessive amount of the information.
In the right column of combo-boxes Popup-menu (context menu) is accessible.

There are five Menu choices for adding and editing taxonomic information about selected fish - "Add...", "Edit..", "Delete...", "Edit synonyms..." and "Change taxonomy...". "Edit" and "Add" call this dialog:
wpeC.jpg (11542 bytes)(v. 2.000)
Simple dialog, isn't it?
With the help of menu string "Change taxonomy..." you can easy change classification branch of selected fish, for example transferring genera Symphysodon from family Cichlidae in family Loricariidae or transferring varietet Aulonocara sp. "Flavescent" in species Xiphophorus flavescentus. Menu " Delete... " accessible only for bottom end of a branch of classification, i.e. it is impossible to remove genera not removing all of species etc.). Also I'll stop your attention on a technique of dialogue "Change taxonomy..." slightly.
wpeD.jpg (9808 bytes)(v. 1.024e)
In top combo-box there are possible variants of change of a systematic rule, in second - possible variants of an accessory specified at the top of a systematic arrangement and in bottom - own name concerning to second combo-box. Checkbox 'All' permits you to transfer any name in distant taxonomic branch. At second combo-box "Synonym of"-line presents that allows you stick together two of names. One of them will be synonym then.
Example: transferring of varietet Aulonocara sp. "Flavescent" in species Poecilia flavescentus. To choose varietet Aulonocara sp. "Flavescent" as 'Default fish'. To press " Edit.. ". To rename "flavescent" in flavescentus. To press " Taxon.. ". To choose in top combo-box a line 'Species "falvescent" ' (in database a name has not changed yet, as was not pressed "OK"). In second combo-box to choose a line 'Genus' and in the third - line 'Poecilia' (previously to press check-box "All" because Aulonocara is distant name for Poecilia). To press "OK". All will turn out as ordered. And it will swim from an easy hand in reservoirs of your country new brood-in-mouth poecilia, eating plancton on depth of 60-100 meters and constantly searching "mbuna" at last to find out the territorial relations ship.
Menu "Edit synonyms..." looks so:
wpeE.jpg (9481 bytes)(v. 1.017e)
Here are two buttons that works like those above we learned.
Next group of menu commands "View info...", "Edit info..." and "Edit htm-file..." allows you to edit and to look special information about selected fish. Command "View info..." loads system Web-browser for looking information about fish in view of internet-page. You can see result of pressing on this button at the Sample. Command "Edit htm-file..." will allow you manually to edit a file with the information on fish, interesting for you (for example, to add the references to clauses which are taking place outside the project, to enter the additional information) with a help of your default HTML-editor. As the files containing the special information are looked you can see by wandering inside and began from this reference: Main project page. Command "Edit info..." will cause the built-in specialized editor of the information about fishes, which kind you can admire below. It has tree pages - "Description", where you can enter fish description and internet links; "Info" with special information about fish natural habitat and keep conditions; "Stair", where you can spread selected properties on taxonomic branch of selected fish. The majority of positions in information HTML-file can be edited here including to add figures. Program automatically creates and changes necessary HTML-files at any changes in classification and in this special editor.
wpeF.jpg (49569 bytes)(v. 2.025)

Last menu commands "Fish taxonomy survey", "Families' survey", "Family... survey" and "Add Htm-stair..." create and display reports in web-page format. "Fish taxonomy survey" prepares Class survey. "Families' survey" prepares all fish-families surveys. "Family... survey" creates report about selected family. And "Add Htm-stair..." creates all htm-files for taxonomic branch of selected one. 
I think after this small training the usage further by 'Fish catalog' will not cause you of the large difficulties. Therefore we pass to the following item of main menu of project - 'My aquafarm/Fishes':

wpe10.jpg (9943 bytes)(v. 2.000)

(v. 1.038e)

The window contains the list of fishes in the chosen reservoir (at the left), list of reservoirs (on the right above), in which it is possible to choose area of the review (including the archival data, i.e. fishes, which at you were, but for any reason are absent), and information on the fish, chosen in the list. The information is edited directly in the main window (as against " Fish catalog "). Be not frightened, all not clear symbols in windows - Russian letter, you see I carry on statistics on the native language.
How to edit the information on fishes?

1. Main - to choose in top right combo-box a necessary reservoir. At a choice of the archival data some opportunities of editing will be inaccessible. After that choose in the list at the left object, which has liked you, for mockery at the information on it.
2. Button 'New...'. Allows to bring to a database in a new fish. Thus there is a call 'Fish catalog' and the name gets out therefrom on pressing 'OK'.
3. Button 'Delete...'. If you would not like to recollect any fish never, choose this item. The button will not function, if the chosen fish had time to get fries.
4. Button 'Precise...'. If it seems, that till now fish had inexact scientific definition, safely press here. You should choose the new specified name in "Fish catalog".
5. Button 'Transfer...'. If there was a necessity to catch a fish from one aquarium and to place in another, press here. The dialogue will appear, in which you will choose a target aquarium (description of this dialogue - below in the text).
6. Window 'Fries - Males - Females' (under combo-box on the right). Here it is possible to adjust amount of the specified objects within the limits of the given reservoir with the help of the keyboard and buttons with arrows (arrows while have a sad kind). If in a window to put three zero, the information on a fish after attention will get in archive.
7. Window 'Father and mother'. There is an information on the parents of the chosen fish, if those already has collected. To editing is not subject, as is automatically brought in at birth a fish.
8. Window 'First eat date - Puberty date' (terms I ask to specify, if they are inexact). The first date is filled correctly, if the chosen fish - yours the with one's own hand received fry. Edit at own discretion.
9. Window 'Place of purchase'. If the fish was born in your reservoir, is filled by a line from 'Settings/Fishbreeder farm'.
10. Window 'Special token'. It is recommended to fill approximately so " sad male with a cord on a neck " or "prematured females " or " best on colouring ". The information is useful in other dialogues.
11. Window 'Number, causes and date of loss'. Unfortunate (or in some cases happy) window. I recommend to fill thus " 1 killed by a dominant 19.01.99, 3 are given up to the friend for disgusting behaviour 20.01.99, 2 monsters are sold 30.01.99 ". When the fish will get in archive, it is possible to overlook with pleasure (or with grief) on it from the party.
12. Button 'Spawnings...'. Calls window 'Spawnings'.
Here while the button "Spawnings" works only which will give out the information about spawnings of the chosen fish in the following kind:
wpe22.jpg (37376 bytes)(v. 1.020e)
13. Buttons 'Separation...', 'Sell...', 'Kill...', 'Gift...'. Call dialogue:

wpe1E.jpg (7154 bytes)(v. 1.037e)
Here there is splitting group of fishes into two parts. For example in one part it is possible to leave of females, in another to transfer males. After splitting both parts will appear in the list of fishes. It is convenient, when the group is got. For it is made at first 'New...', and then some time 'Separation...'. Thus it is not necessary each time to give a name a fish and to bring in the information 'Date first eat' and 'Place of purchase'.
The button does not work, if there was one fish in a window 'Fries - Males - Females'.
Attention! If the fish has spawned, it is desirable it to leave one in group. If to leave some fishes, they, at a spawning will attribute " a group spawning ", and further, by breaking group on a part, one part you will leave without the information on a spawning. Can it be meaningful in the program to have an opportunity to break at " Separation.. " and information on spawnings by the separate button?.
14. Button 'Report'. Creates the report in format HTML depending on the tank, chosen by you, (either all fishes or archive) and demonstrates to you its contents by means of your default Web-browser. See example here My fishes.
With "My aquafarm/Fishes" I have acquainted you. Let's proceed to "My aquafarm/Incubator"

wpe11.jpg (10032 bytes)

In a window at the left you will see the information on all registered spawnings of your pupils. In the top left corner there is check-box "Archive". On default in a window there is an information on spawnings, which have not resulted yet in reception of fries. In "Archive" it is possible to overlook the information on all spawnings for the certain periods of time.
wpe20.jpg (6298 bytes)(v. 1.019e)
At a choice of any line from a window (previous picture) you can edit the information on a spawning. Below I shall describe purpose of all buttons and windows.
1. Window 'Eggs and larvas'. In this window the dates of appearance of eggs and larvas are located. The date of appearance of caviar is brought in automatically at the moment of registration of a spawning. Both dates outside of a mode 'Archive' can be edited. Amount of eggs in the same window simultaneously is brought in. At appearance of larvas it changing appearance date and amount of larvas by hands. In not edited section 'Transferred' is specified amount of the fries, received from larvas. The information in this section occurs automatically after pressing the button " Transfer.. ", and outside of a mode 'Archive' always contains 0.
2. Window 'In all'. The total information of the previous concepts here is resulted.
3. Button 'New...'. Is intended for registration of a spawning. Allows to choose on turn a fish - father and fish - mother from the list "My aquafarm/Fishes".
4. Button 'Delete...'. If to you the memoirs about happened cause in soul a heavy deposit, press this button.
5. Button 'Precise...'. Works similarly 'New...'. Is intended for specification of the parents. Such situation frequently arises at cichlids of lake Malawi, when on fries already it is visible, that externally unlike, for example, Iodotropheus and Melanochromis, being in one tank, without ceremony can unfaithful to the lawful spouses, and the aquarist of this process has not seen. It is possible to result here and other situations.
6. Button 'Transfer...'. The pressing of this button coincides on time with the moment of transformation of larvas in fries. Thus it is necessary to enter amount of fries into appeared dialogue, ambassador - to choose a name for fries (on default is offered a name of the father, but at crossing different breeds sometimes it is required to invent any new varietet) in deduced "Fish catalog", and, at last to specify an aquarium, where the fries are placed. After pressing this button the information of a spawning is located in 'Archive', and in section "My aquafarm/Fishes" the new record will appear.
If you did not manage to find out larvas after the parents have spawned, press " Transfer.. ", and the program will ask you about quality of your sires. If you confirm the discontent by pressing "OK", the program will thrust the information on a spawning in 'Archive', but in "My aquafarm/Fishes" the information will not get. Thus automatically in the information on a spawning the date of occurrence of larvas - 01.01.1980 enters. If the larvas were, but for any reason fries from them has failed, then it is necessary to enter after a team " Transfer.. " on a question on amount of fries 0.
7. Button 'Destiny...'. Works in a mode 'Archive'. The pressing this button will allow you to find results of the spawning, chosen in the list, in all variety of your reservoirs.
8. Button 'Report'. Carries out the same functions, as in the previous described window and you can see result here Spawnings of my fishes.
On it I finish to acquaint you and about these by section of the menu.
There were three items. One of them will allow you to bring the information on tanks, used by you. Appearance of dialogue "My aquafarm/Tanks":
wpe12.jpg (9956 bytes)wpe13.jpg (28703 bytes)(v. 1.038e)

If you have read the previous instruction, the management of this dialogue will not seem to you complex. Unique restriction - the program understands only tanks in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped. Other forms need to be recalculated on the specified variants of the sizes.

Last not described item of the menu - "My aquafarm/Plan of spawning". To me, in fishbreeder activity, it was necessary to confront with the following question: what needs to be expected arrival of fries to a near future? I have noticed, that the periods between spawnings at the majority of kinds of tropical fishes does not exceed 33 days, if they contain in normal conditions. Therefore this item of the menu displays of all spawned females for past month, that enables, not coming in "My aquafarm/Incubator/Archive by period:/Month", to see all spawnings of the last month.wpe14.jpg (9851 bytes)
wpe15.jpg (19551 bytes)(v. 1.019e)
At last I'll introduce you with menu 'Service' that contains such functions, like "Reports", "Check FTP-server" and "Settings".
First of them is 'Reports' which creates global reports of your fishfarm ('Report on my fishes', 'Report on spawnings', "Commercial report") and 'Taxonomy report' creating and displaying main htm-page and other pages of high taxonomic branches.
(v. 2.000)
How they looked you can see by pressed to My fishes, Spawnings of my fishes, Fish taxonomy survey.
Next service function is 'Check FTP-server'. I use this fuction for filling of my server by fresh information. This opportunity will be accessible certainly to not all users :). Otherwise I should be engaged only in correcting everyone's naughtiness. ( :-) twice)
wpe18.jpg (16842 bytes)(v. 1.022e)
Now I'm finishing the review "Fishkeeper's/Fishbreeder's Catalogue". If you will have questions during a perusal of the documentation and acquaintance to the program, I ask you at once to me them to put. All your remarks and advices will be taken into account, and the discrepancies are corrected in the program in a near future. During a spelling of this documentation I have brought to the program some cosmetic changes. That is not all pictures in this file correspond the letter in the letter seen by you in the program.
Excuse me for so long Readme, for the charge of your precious time. I simply tried briefly and is accessible to explain structure "Fishkeeper's/Fishbreeder's Catalogue", and the long ballad has turned out.
I wish good luck to you.

Gelo Xuts.

This desription was prepared 13 January 1999/reviewed 28 April 2001

Special thanx to Gustavo for a little help.


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