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    Gelo believes music is a unique, honorable thing, which can't betray you in any circumstance. Therefore he has loved it during all of his conscious life. Gelo doesn't force you to think precisely the same...
    Gelo, from youth, has mastered the 7 and 6 string guitars, supervised a brass band and played on all copper tools. He has created some musical projects in the 1980's and early 1990's : "Ruberoid", "The Gloomy Carpenters - Concreters" ("Nevesiolyye plotniki-betonschiki"), "Pier Glass" ("Triumo").
    Favorite orchestral music of Gelo: the hymn of the Soviet Union and Mourning march #2 of Petrov.
    He listens to all other genres in succession, without preference to any particlular genres, though more attention is given to alternative music (old and new, for example R. Fripp, early Floyd, S. Kuriokhin etc). In each genre, in Gelo's opinion, there are talents and dullards.
    The musician, Gelo, has recorded on tape some albums under the project of "Pier Glass" ("Triumo") in the 1980's. They had moderate popularity in the student environment of those years. Style - Russian kitsch. On this page are the fragments of the recordings of those years.
    Gelo now stores all creations in formats such as stm and s3m (all of them are minimal on volume).
    Sometime in the future more will be written here about the great fan of music...

W.A. Mozart (the younger).
translated from Deutch by April Blackburn

Here's Player for .xm, .it, .stm, .s3m, .mod and many other formats. (free-of-known-viruses)

List of Gelo's 90th works:

    This list contains melodies appropriate to the condition of Gelo in certain moments of his life. Nobody compels you to listen to them, as this page is a very personal part of him. Gelo doesn't require comments about the music from this page, neither positive nor negative (except for cases, when he personally asks you to comment on it). You can use all these melodies in any purposes, except for oppression of the colored population of planet and compelin' of animals to listen to them. If you feel any feeling or association while listening, you can be sure Gelo will listen to you (any delirium). He asks of you to not inform him of any occurrences of disgust after first of chords (it will be the usual reaction of the normal man).
    Remember. Almost all of the melodies are a mirror of Gelo's mood.

W.A. Mozart (the younger).
translated from Deutch by April Blackburn

The list consists three parts:
    1. Music of other authors. Arises spontaneously from earlier heard and torments so long as it will write down on hard-disk
    2. Music of Gelo. Arises at the moment of crisis. Frequently isn't modified up to the end, as the crisis can pass quickly.
    3. Music of Gelo from the project "Pier Glass". It was written down as an idea for a new album "Degradation III" or "Olive" ("Oliv'ye") '90, which isn't yet realized. Style - simplified form of kitsch. Doesn't contain the first vote (melody). There's only harmony (preparation).


1. Music of another's authors.

  "Besame mucho" ****(Velasquez / version has come from Hamburg's Star Club '62 variant of Macca, was recorded  '91, first attempt of Gelo in digitize music)
  "Blackbird" **(McCartney / quick version without soul , was recorded  '92)
  "Dreams" ***(Grebenschikov / rough version, was recorded   '92, isn't compeled)
  "For no one" *****(McCartney / kitsch version, was recorded   '91)
  "Got to get you my life" *****(McCartney / neoromantic version, was recorded Dec  '98)
  "Honey pie" *****(McCartney / neoromantic version, was recorded  Sep '98)
  "Happy birthday to you" *****(trad / kitsch version, was recorded  '92)
  "In my life" *****(Lennon / kitsch almost pops version, was recorded Oct  '98)
  "Lovers of the Moon" ****(Kutikov / close version, was recorded  '94, isn't compeled)
  "Only you" *****(Ram-Rand / neoromantic April's version, was recorded Sep  '98)
  "Sandstorm" ****(La Bionda / kitsch version, was recorded  '92)
  "Sertaki" ***(trad / kitsch version, was recorded Sep '98, isn't compeled)
  "Soviet Union's hymn" *****(gov / disco version, was recorded by Unknown)
  "Sonata #14" *****(Beethoven / complete false hard limited version, was recorded  '92)
  "Sonata #14(mid)" ****(Beethoven / complete stacatto version, was recorded  '95)
  "Song about far Native land" **** (Tariverdiyev / close version from movie "17 instants of spring", was recorded  Sep '98, isn't compeled)
  "Song without words" **** (Shklarskiy / close version with slight taint of neoromantics, was recorded Oct '98)
  "Mourning march #2" ****(Petrov / kitsch version, was recorded  '91)

  "Till there was you" *****(Willson / almost Macca's version, was recorded  '91, second Gelo's digitized melody)
  "Time and a word" ****(Anderson / stupid version, was recorded Apr  '99)

2. Music of Gelo

  "Mood 0" *****(was recorded  '91, drums last changed '98)
  "Mood 1" ***(was recorded  '91 under influence of sex-movie)
  "Mood 2" *****(was recorded  '91)
  "Mood 3" *****(was recorded  '91 beside Mood 2)
  "Mood 4" *****(was recorded  '96 as rap)
  "Mood 5" ****(was recorded  '92, little is delayed)
  "Mood 6" *****(was recorded  '92)
  "Xmas waltz" *****(was recorded  Dec '98)
  "Mood 8" ****(was recorded  '92, real mood was another, the bad thing is frank, last reviewed Jan '99)
  "Mood 9" *****(was recorded  '92, crisis and transition to neoromantism)
  "Mood 10" ****(was recorded  '92)
  "Mood 11" ***(was recorded  '92, isn't compeled)
  "Mood 12" *****(was recorded  '93)
  "Snake IRQ" *****(was recorded Aug  '98, gentle snake's song)
  "Mood 14" *****(was recorded  '95)
  "Mood 15" *****(was recorded  '95)
  "Mood 16" ***(was recorded  '93, was conceived "She's a woman" but)
  "Mood 17" *****(was recorded  '95, isn't compeled)
  "Mood 18" *****(was recorded  '96)
  "Mood 19" *****(was recorded  '96)
  "Mood 20" *****(was recorded  '96, supermood)
  "Mood 21" ****(was recorded  '96, was spoiled and isn't compeled)
  "Arizona song" ****(was recorded Jan '99, isn't compeled)
  "Mood 23" *****(was recorded  '97)
  "Mood 24" ****(was recorded  '97, Gelo's mood was changed, mood waits)
  "Mood 25" *****(was recorded Aug  '98, isn't compeled)
  "Mood 26" *****(was recorded at the expense of April's energy Oct '98 for herself. If you prefer to listen "Queen" instead of "Dead can dance", don't load this thing (nevertheless I havn't anything against the "Queen"))
  "Mood 27" **(was recorded Oct  '98, isn't compeled, son sings)
  "Mood 28" *****(to Vangelis & John Lennon, was recorded Dec '98)

3. Music of Gelo from project "Pier Glass"

  "Jazzman" ***(was recorded  '91)
  "Laziness" *****(was recorded  '91)
  "Thinks" *****(was recorded  '91)
  "Oasis" *****(was recorded  '91)
  "Rentgen cares" *****(was recorded  '91, last changed '95)
  "This is I" *****(was recorded  '91)
  "Irons" *****(was recorded  '91)
  "Vinegret" *****(was recorded  '91)
  "Paper zoo" *****(was recorded  '91, last changed '96)


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